In life, it is hard to be the person you wanted to be. You probably even don’t know who you really are. It’s always been extremely difficult to navigate the world and achieve your vision of yourself. You probably haven’t yet developed a vision of yourself.

The world suffered in the last century from the extremes and radical thoughts and movements. This kind of streams structure and shape our way of seeing the world. Hence, shape our beliefs and behaviors. 

It has been hard as well to endure the chaos of the unbalanced neutral positions. We believe that in life we desperately need engaged, balanced, free, responsible people, ideas, thoughts, and movements.

We are a team of freedom, truth, and responsibility seekers. This is far from any type of boasting. We still and we will be always seeking the above-mentioned values. We navigate the world of ideas, values, spiritualities, and art to bring to our folks the best of expressions that are able to enlighten their paths toward their ALPHA selves. We explore our and other people’s’ life experiences that are mostly extreme to shade light on what matters, aiming to contribute to the balance of ourselves and the world around us.

We debate and inspire each other and truly believe that our relationship has brought enormous relief and value to each one of us.

Souliber is the concept of the Free Soul. The name for this area of expression and guidance is a combination of the english term Soul and Liber which is a short version of Liberta in Italian or Liberté in French which means Freedom. 

At Souliber we aim to empower people who are looking for guidance and inspiration to live a life of freedom while being responsible for what makes this world a better place. We express our folks’ desire for freedom and provide a path lightening advice to be the person they always wanted to be: Free like a bird and responsible as a Lion.